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I’ve been out of touch on the site for a while because I’m hard at work on some contest arrangements of fiddle tunes for Winfield, and excerpts of Bach cello suites. Two seemingly very different things, but in practice, they are very similar. I absolutely love the Bach stuff, any excuse to work it up is worthwhile, I highly recommend it, especially on banjo. The contest arrangements are great too, I’m really getting inside of Old Joe Clark, Redwing, and Northern White Clouds, and pushing my left hand with a new positioning ideas: check back for the results!

More Lessons

I’ve just completed two new video lessons, about 14 minutes long each! I won’t be putting them up on the YouTube, which my other lessons are posted on. So they’ll only be available here at, stay tuned. Topics include “Open Bb” and “The  II-7  V7  I” .



My new EP with Guitarist Nick DiSebastian is being mastered right now by John Keane in Athens, GA. It will be headed to the presses soon.



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