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Open B flat

Here’s a lesson on  playing in B flat with out a capo. I demonstrate several locations for most chords you’ll need to play any songs in B flat. “Foggy  Mountain Special” and “Daley’s Reel” both lay well on the banjo neck in open Bb, so they’re shown in there too. Something important to note is that Bb major is relative to (the same notes as) G minor: so anything you know including ‘melodic’ technique material in G natural minor will also work in Bb major.

  • Also, my lesson on Pentatonic Shapes will show you several good ideas for playing up the neck in Bb.

 Below are the arrangements of “Foggy Mtn. Special” and “Daley’s Reel” from the lesson.

and here are links to download them as PDF’s, they’re a bit more legible that way.

Foggy Mtn Special

Daleys Reel


I wrote out the second A part and first B part because they each end with a line that transitions to the next thing. The end if the first A and second B would both be straight, as I play them in the video.

Of Course, if you have any questions contact me at: Kyle.Tuttle.banjo@gmail.com