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The 2 – 5 – 1

This lesson demonstrates a standard chord progression known as the “2 – 5 – 1”, or II-7  V7  Imaj7. This is a standard progression in swing and jazz music. I’ll show you how to approach playing a 2-5-1 on banjo, from ‘scruggsy’ open position licks to fancy Be-Bop lines.

I must stress the importance of the EAR in these lessons, understanding and recognizing the SOUND of this chord progression will help you understand music theory and chord function in most harmonically driven music.

Here’s Notation and Tab for all of the lines from this lesson.

Example 1, key of G, bluegrass.



Example 2, key of G, bluegrass.

Example 3, key of C, bluegrass.

Example 4, key of C, bluegrass.

Example 5, key of D, bluegrass.

Example 6, key of G, jazz.

Example 7, key of G, be-bop.

Example 8, key of G, be-bop.



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