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Joining Jeff Austin Band in 2017

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I’m excited to announce that I’ll be officially joining the Jeff Austin Band in 2017. I’ve already done a handful of shows with the band and it’s been a lot of fun. Many of this summer’s shows are jAb and the Travelin’ McCourys teaming up for a ‘Grateful Ball’… both bands onstage together playing the music of America’s greatest Rock-n-Roll band, The Grateful Dead. These shows have been exactly as billed, a BALL !! I’m looking forward to lots more of this soon. Check out our summer schedule here.

Photo by Phishbone Photography.

A little Jam for the Holiday Season…

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I’ve had this lovely classic stuck in my head for a few days now, so I figured…. “Why not plug in all the toys and go for it?!?” I even talked Kermit the Frog into a cameo….   Hope ya dig it. Spread some love around and take care of some people this year!  AND look out for new banjo music recorded on old-school plastic in 2017 !!!


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I am really pumped to announce that I’ll be doing 5 shows in Fall of 2016 performing the music from my album ‘Bobcat’. I’ve got a great cast of players assembled for the shows including Royal Masat on bass, Drew Matulich on mandolin, and Frank Rische on guitar. We’re headed around the southeast, CLICK HERE to see where we’ll be playing and to get tickets.

Bobcat Release Tour Poster

New Banjo Music

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My debut album ‘Bobcat’ is officially available. 12 Tracks of new banjo music, 10 of my original compositions. Many thanks to everyone who helped out along the way. Visit the Store page to order a copy.

Studio Footage/Update

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The music is done and the paperwork has begun. Literally as soon as I can finish the publishing and copyright procedures and get this thing off to the press I will have it available for the world. In the meantime, here’s a little footage from the studio. Jenni Lyn Gardner, Dustin Benson and Royal Masat laying down my tune “Through The Fence”. Total dream team of groove. B chord, right where they belong. Also, there’s a sidebar on this page where you can download a single from the record early, for FREE.

Making Progress ….

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Here’s a little update: I’ve done a few more sessions, and am getting dangerously close to having the music complete for my new album. It’s mostly original compositions, some are 5 years old, some are brand new. It’s been a new and fun challenge to produce this project on my own, and I feel that I learn something new with every session. Stay tuned, there will be an opportunity for an early download of a single…

Ross Holmes

Ross Holmes

3 Mics are better than 1

3 mics are better than 1

Daniel Rice, and Matt Wingate.

Daniel Rice, and Matt Wingate.

New Recording Project

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Dominick Leslie, Royal Masat, Billy Contreres, Jon Stickley, Kyle Tuttle, Daniel Rice

Dominick Leslie, Royal Masat, Billy Contreres, Jon Stickley, Kyle Tuttle, Daniel Rice

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be releasing my first solo album in 2015. I’ve been hard at work in the studio with Daniel Rice at Gravity Boots Recording. We had a very productive 3 days with all these awesome cats pictured above: Dominick Leslie on Mandolin, Royal Masat on Bass, the unmistakable Billy Contreres on fiddle, and Jon Stickley on guitar. It’s an honor to have such great musicians as friends and colleagues. More to come soon!

Duo Shows with JLG

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KTJL Couch

I’ve been doing some duo shows around Nashville lately with the lovely and talented Jenni Lyn Gardner. We’re having lots of fun arranging traditional material to fit the duo instrumentation, and working up some new original material too. And of course, no acoustic duo is complete without a little instrument swapping!! You’ll have to catch us in person to hear my dazzlingly executed mandolin solos, and Jenni Lyn crackin’ that 5 just like her Granny taught her. And we’ve got another project together in the works, so keep your ears out!

Electric Banjo

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I’ve been having fun playing an electric banjo this year. It was built by Ian Davidson in California. It’s a very cool instrument. With an acoustic pickup under the bridge and a humbucking electric pickup in the neck position this banjo has a pretty wide range of sounds. I mostly alternate in a 60/40% ratio in either direction, depending on what type of song it is. The neck feels great, thinner than most banjo necks, easy to play fast. I run it through a Fender Deluxe tube amp right now, with the occasional wah-wah pedal, which you’ll hear near the end of the video below. I spent my teenage years playing electric guitar in punk rock bands, mostly in basements, and very loud. So it’s nice to get to plug in and make some real noise again.

Check out Ian’s website for more electric banjos, he has some really cool looking stuff on there.

Here’s a compilation of footage from FrazierBand shows where I’ve played this instrument at The World Famous Station Inn and The 5 Spot in Nashville TN,  and The Grey Eagle in Asheville NC.

Rebecca Frazier & Hit and Run Bluegrass

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I’m excited to be joining Rebecca Frazier‘s band Hit & Run Bluegrass this summer. Her new album “When We Fall” is being released on Compass Records, and we’ll be traveling in support of it. There are dates around the South East in May and June, and in Colorado in July. For more information about that, check out our Schedule. The band consists of Rebecca Frazier of guitar, John Frazier on Mandolin, Shad Cobb on fiddle, and myself on the 5-string. It’s real hard-drivin’ grass. The players are all great and I’m honored to be a part of it.